For a long time I have neglected the artistic and creative side of me, and instead of embracing and nurturing this part of myself I have ignored it. As a child I can remember spending hours drawing everything and anything, from a portrait of my dad sitting at his desk at work to an imaginary house with leaves and moss growing on the walls, and in my little 8 year old head I was sure I was destined to become a great artist. But then life has a way of distracting us doesn’t it? And as life became harder and busier and ultimately more distracting, I stopped creating art and forgot about a massive part of myself that actually has a huge impact on my own happiness, something that I have come to realise recently while learning how to be kind to myself and improve my own emotional well-being. Now; instead of ignoring my artistic and creative side, I have found myself picking up a pencil or a pen at any given time and once again drawing everything and anything.

Most of my artwork is figurative, and created using my imagination, experiences and photographs with different drawing and painting materials as well as mixed media in some pieces. Here you will find images of the artwork I create, sketches and the photographs I have used in my posts (other photographs can be seen on Instagram).