Leaving Procrastinationville

So it seems I have finally entered the wonderful world of blogging. Who’d have thunk it?! Not me that’s for sure. As the self-proclaimed Mayor of a little place inside my head I like to call Procrastinationville, I would never have thunk it. Now I know that the first blog post is supposed to introduce people to what this blog is hopefully going to be all about, but there’s a brief description on the welcome page and the next post will have a more detailed description of what I’m hoping it will look like. For now, I wanted to explain a little bit about what Procrastinationville is like, and how I decided to leave and travel to a place called…Actually Living…

Procrastinationville is a little town nestled in the ideas part of my brain. It’s a beautiful place with a total population of 1: me. There is only 1 citizen because everyone else decided that they had enough of accomplishing absolutely nothing so they left. Anyway, as I said, Procrastinationville is a beautiful little town full of sunshine, and rainbows and unicorns, but surrounding the town are terrifyingly dangerous storms, deserts with giant spiders, and oceans infested with sharks (I accidentally watched Jaws 1 when I was little and the scene where the fisherman gets eaten up to his chest towards the end has created a fear of deep water…and sharks, obviously). So while everyone else packed up their courage, ambition and determination to navigate all that scary stuff surrounding Procrastinationville (because let’s face it, doing everything the same way day in and day out over and over for 30 years, without actually achieving anything gets pretty boring and demoralising even with the sunshine, rainbows and unicorns), I stayed. I stayed because the fear was always greater than my desire to try. All the ideas and thoughts and plans racing round my brain were just wispy, puffs of cloud that never really amounted to anything substantial, because no matter how much I’ve wanted to try to turn them into something more, I’ve always been able to come up with a thousand reasons as to why I can’t. Can’t, that throw away word that’s not really a word but is used all the time to express an inability to do something even without first trying. Then one day, while I was walking around my lonely, boring little town of Procrastinationville, I tripped over a pile of forgotten thoughts and ideas and plans and got smacked in the face with the turning 30 stick. It was brutal, and painful. Like seriously getting smacked in the face with any stick I’m sure is going to hurt, but the ‘you’re aging and doing nothing’ stick is a special kind of pain. The kind of pain that leaves you sprawled on the floor, your ideas and thoughts and unfulfilled plans floating round your head while you lament the fact that you’ve done nothing about them. So after this unfortunate incident, I got up, dusted myself off, collected my own courage, ambition and determination, and left Procrastinationville behind.

Now here I am, traversing the scary world of Actually Living. Go me! Wait…is that a shark? Oh no, false alarm, that’s just a pesky negative automatic thought telling me to turn back. You know, like the rock faces in the oubliette in the Labyrinth where they’re all saying in deep ominous voices, “Go back, go no further”. Very tempting…but no, besides the only way in and out of an oubliette is through a trap door in the ceiling with no access to it from inside sooo…

So like I said here I am and welcome to Living Wonderlife! As far as blogging is concerned my thoughts still pretty much centre around the idea of I can’t, but I’m powering through anyway despite that nagging voice saying “you don’t have anything to say”, “no-one will read it” and “no-one will like it”, because as someone who likes to be liked, putting myself out there in any capacity is a massive step…huge! But I figure that’s what a lot of really great people out there thought when they first started blogging, and that can also be said when it comes to any other sort of internet interaction isn’t it? That worry that you won’t have as many views or likes or follows as you thought you would, and then ending up feeling inadequate when actually it isn’t necessarily a reflection of you personally, but that maybe your content just wasn’t what some people were interested in…and that’s OK, right? As someone who’s never really been that bothered about the number of views or likes or follows on social media this was quite a foreign thought process for me, but as I said I am the type of person who likes to be liked, and so somehow this worry about what the interactions with my blog would be like became a massive reason for not doing it.  For years I have researched and read and researched some more, trying to understand how the world of blogging and websites work, and yet all this reading and researching still resulted in nothing, and I’ve done nothing with it because of…well you know being the Mayor of Procrastinationville means you can’t be seen to be proactive about anything. But as I said, I got smacked in the face with the turning 30 stick and I realised something, if I don’t do it now I’m probably never going to do it, and what’s worse is that I’ll rationalise not doing it with all the ‘I can’t’ reasons I can think of, and end up staying in the lonely, boring town of Procrastinationville, with its population of 1…me.

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  1. Loved your blog I think there is a village called procrastinationville because I live there to , although this one I c an pop in and out of lol x


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